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SRD Minutes October 24, 2017
Attending: Tim, Marsha and Patrick


-APPROVAL OF AGENDA, Marsha Moves, Tim seconds, approved

-MINUTES APPROVE for September 26, 2017 Tim moves, Patrick seconds, approved

-FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG-$214653.32, Patrick moves to approve check register as submitted, Tim seconds, approved.


• SHUTTLE UPDATE-$295 deposit, total riders for the year 959, $4795 total income for the summer, old

shuttle is at northwest auto body, bid was $8,000, new winter tires on both shuttles.

• Winter Ski Trails- brushing is happening on mtn bike trails to help with the grooming for bikes and snowshoeing, brushing on ski in/out access trails is happening


• Summer Roads-dumpster paving has happened, brushing of the sub roads is complete, granite peak engineering of the storm water management is in the works, and Parallel Run has been fixed

• Winter Roads-need to talk to Schweitzer about woods storing equipment at the ridge Patrick to speak with Kent L about sanding and contract.

• Trash area-has been paved.

• 2018 Audit-This will need to be done for 2015 and 16, need to update Connie and ask Connie if she can do a pre audit.

• IHD Update-bid for new hwy plan is out, IHD would like input from SRD about the bike lane, Culvert work has happened on the main road, new light pole for the roundabout is being installed.


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