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SRD Minutes August 22, 2017
Attending: Tim, Marsha and Patrick


Open for public comment - none

ASK FOR AND ACCEPT APPROVAL OF AGENDA Patrick moves to approve the agenda, Marsha second approved

MINUTES, REVIEW AND APPROVE July 25, 2017 Marsha approves the minutes, Tim second approved.

FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG amount $223,156.26, Patrick moves to approve the check register as presented, Tim seconds approved.

Patrick moves to approve the budget 2017-2018 Marsha second, approved

SHUTTLE UPDATE 219 rider, $1095 was received, Mike K is still looking at bids for the old shuttle.

Winter Ski Trails Schweitzer did not approve the x-country extension.


Summer Trails – Northern Lights approved Mike’s bid to re-route Sparky Trail, work has started. Waterfall trail was cleaned up, all trails have been cleaned up.

Summer Roads/NLI line work - Schweitzer to look at their sewer lid for plowing changes on snowplow. Weeds where cut on the side of the road. Seal coat will happen 9/11/17.

Trash area -the trash area has been marked, area is larger than expected, Marsha moves to add $7,000 more to cover the expanded area Tim second approved. Paving after 9/15/17 area after reviewing the marking,

IHD Update -road has been stripped. Culvers repair update, Chapple $20,000, Mogul is $25,000. IHD. Jake brake sign is going up.

ADJOURN at 5:45pm

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