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SELKIRK RECREATION DISTRICT Minutes May 22, 2018, 5pm Selkirk Lodge

Attending: Steve E., Tim B., Marsha B.
-Meeting called to order 5:05 pm, there is a quorum
-Agenda approved (Steve moves, Tim seconds)
-Minutes of Mar 27, 2018 approved (Steve moves, Tim seconds)
-Financial report: $88k on hand, expecting ~$66k in Aug
Financial report and check register accepted (Steve moves, Tim seconds)
- Shuttle: Winter Shuttles had 14,108 riders (new record), 709 labor hours, 5200 miles on
new shuttle.
Summer shuttle will start June 16
- Summer trails approved (Steve moved, Tim seconded) to allocate $1,000 for trail work
between now and next meeting
Snow plowing: Marsha made a cool chart of $/inch to plow vs inches of snow from 2014
thru 2018. With one exception (2015 was more $/inch) the trend was a linear increase in
costs with inches of snow…e.g., it gets more difficult to find places to put snow when there
is more and more snow.
-Summer Roads
Mogul Hill is on the agenda.
IHD Update: Mel reported that he found $18.5k in a bond to finish right of way, snow
management, and runoff work at Granite Peaks. Mel is trying to use it to prepare the road
for paving.
Blue Beetles are discussing licensing for right of way.
Transportation plan is being drafted, with more comments this summer. It includes a 10-yr
maintenance plan.
Asking for a grant to repair main road where there is damage from runoff.
-Adjourned ( Marsha moved ) at 5:25 pm

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