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SRD Minutes January 23, 20, 5pm Selkirk Lodge


-ASK FOR AND ACCEPT APPROVAL OF AGENDA Marsha moves, Tim seconds, approved.

-MINUTES, REVIEW AND APPROVE December 26, 2017 Tim Moves, Marsha seconds, approved.

-FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG, account amount is 160,677.04 Patrick moves to approve check register, Tim seconds, approved.


• Shuttle Update-the shuttle had the steering sensor replaced, driveline needs bearings replaced. Patrick moves to spend up to 1500 for repairs, Marsha seconds, approved. Holiday week 3556 riders, 1200 MLK weekend riders.

• Snowplowing Update-9 full plows, 2 Schweitzer road sands, 5 woods road sand, 20th Northwest Passage was closed due to the road being too slick. Schweitzer is sanding more. More signage should put up on dangerous parts of the sub-roads, will address in the summer.

• Winter Ski Trails-new sign for ski crossing.


• 2018 Audit-Mike Dorriety will be doing the audit, for the March SRD meeting Mike will conference call in 16/17 audit.

• IHD Update-1/27/18 there will be a main road and secondary road meeting at the SMCA meeting, 3pm Selkirk conf. room, JUB will be presenting. Main road arrow signs have helped with slowing down traffic. IHD will have money for mogul hill 3,000 from spires to help pave. Right of way on tickets have been given out, an idea that was presented is the Fire Chief could marks the cars that are in the right of way and then calls the Sherriff to have them ticketed.


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