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SRD Minutes March 28, 2017
Attending: Patrick W., Steve E., Marsha B., Tim B.

- Meeting called to order 5:00 pm, there is a quorum

- Agenda approved (Steve moves, Tim seconds)

- Minutes of  Feb 28, 2017 approved (Marsha moves, Patrick seconds)

- Financial report:  $243k on hand.

Financial report and check register accepted (Steve moves, Patrick seconds) 

- Fitness Trail:

The fitness trail was discussed. Patrick suggested SRD funds be used for a fitness trail on SRD trails, and mentioned that for about $9k we can purchase the equipment with a 10-yr guarantee for outdoor use. Several members of the audience expressed skepticism about using SRD funds for a fitness trail. Mike K suggested an obstacle course might be more appealing to residents. The community will be polled for interest. 

- Shuttle:

Shuttle is slowing down, with numbers of rides depends on weather (e.g., rain reduces ridership). 

It was approved to allocate up to $30k to purchase a second van, and this summer to repair the dented van using the insurance reimbursement (Steve moved, Patrick seconded).. 

- Winter ski trails

Mike has worked 67 hours in Feb-Mar on winter ski trails (11.5 on Chapel, 36.5 on Flow, Sparky, etc, 8 on future trails by the roundabout, and the rest on construction and maintenance of signs). A total of 102 hours so far this winter. 

- Snow plowing: 6 full lows and 3 sandings by Woods and 1 by MUC  since last meeting.

- Summer Roads:

There has been road damage this winter, Parallel has issues, as do other places. We will make a prioritized list, and in spring start to take steps to fix things, along with paving the last part of Mogul Hill Rd. 

New Business

IHD Update:  Mel presented a license agreement for bike trails and signage in the IHD right of way. It was approved to have our attorney look at the agreement (Patrick moved, Steve seconded). 

-Adjourned (Patrick moved) at   5:45 pm

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