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SRD Minutes December 26, 2017
Attending: Patrick W., Steve E., Marsha B., Tim B.

-Meeting called to order 5:05 pm, there is a quorum

-Agenda approved (Tim moves, Marsha seconds)

Patrick moved, Tim seconded to appoint Steve to the Subdistrict 2 position. Approved.

-Minutes of Nov 28, 2017 approved (Marsha moves, Patrick seconds)

-Financial report: $194k on hand. Financial report and check register accepted (Patrick moves, Tim seconds)

- Shuttle: Running smooth, second shuttle in operation for X-mas week. People love the new shuttle (windows!).

- Winter ski trails: Waiting for more snow. Mike groomed trails by the round-about for a Fat Tire event.

Snow plowing: 6 plows and 9-10 sandings in December. Sanding has been good.

Craig Mearns will plow the part of Snow Plow by the place he is building. Next winter it might be an SRD responsibility.

-Summer Roads:

- Audit: Steve moves, Tim seconds to authorize $6,000 to hire Decoria to do the 2-yr audit. Decoria will meet with Marsha in January,

New Business:

IHD Update: Maintenance looks good on IHD road, arrows were put along the curve by Wildflower to warn drivers and prevent accidents.

Mel is working with the county to get the sheriffs to give out tickets to illegally parked cars.

-Adjourned (Patrick moved) at 5:40 pm

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