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SRD Minutes April 25, 2017
Attending: Tim, Marsha and Patrick

CONFIRM QUORUM 5:16pm, Tim, Marsha and Patrick in attendance.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA, Marsha moves, Tim seconds approved

MINUTES, REVIEW AND APPROVE March 28, 2017 minutes Marsha moves Tim approved.

FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG $89000 SAVINGS: $112000 total $209668, Patrick moves approve the check register Tim seconds, approved

SHUTTLE UPDATE/New Shuttle-5800 miles, 12016 people moved, new shuttle was found in CDA price $20,680.

Winter Ski Trails 3512.50 in trail expense, trails have been signed.

Summer Trails –Mike K gave a 3 year plan for trails. 2017 two flow trails and upper basin trail would work well as a winter loop trail, and to be brushed this summer. 2018 sidewinder off to fire station, some more beginner trail. 2019 connect from Sunnyside to rec trail. All to be brought to Schweitzer for approval. Mike K recommends a summer building expense of $15,000. Patrick moves to move remaining winter trail budget to the summer budget Tim seconds approved.

Summer Roads-Try to tie all paving together, could include fire station paving, survey to be done or marked before paving.

IHD Update-$40000 grant for planning on the main road and bike lane, wider shoulder and how to best maintain the secondary roads and bridges. Mile post 5 will be worked on this summer, striping entire road. City and POP need to look at the IHD easement agreement for 2 switched back bike crossing, easement fall under POP section of the trail.

Sweeping – woods did sweeping for $600 last year, Tim moves for Marsha to spend up to $1000 for sweeping of the sub-roads, Patrick seconds, approved.

ADJOURN 6:00pm

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