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SELKIRK RECREATION DISTRICT Minutes, November 27, 2018, 5pm Selkirk Lodge
Attendees: Steve E, Marsha B, Patrick W

-ASK FOR AND ACCEPT APPROVAL OF AGENDA Steve moves, Marsha seconds, approved

-MINUTES, REVIEW AND APPROVE October 23, 2018 Marsha moves, Patrick seconds, approved

-FINANCIAL REPORT/CHECK REG 150,000.50. Local taxing election information was submitted by Marsha, Marsha well be the election official, forms can be pick up at the C21 office in the Village. Patrick moves to accept check register, Steve seconds, approved.


-Shuttle Update. Shuttle will start mid-December 14ish to January 1.

-Snowplowing-11/9 sanding 11/22 sanding 11/23 plow and sanding, 11/27 full plow and sanding.

Patrick will meet with MUC about plowing the great escape.


-Summer Roads/Paving- $16276 was spent on mogul road, Interstate will honor the bid for Mogul paving for 2019.

-Summer mtn bike trails –Trails have been maintained and put to bed.

-Winter Trails/grooming-chapel- Trail will need about 3 feet of snow. For any trees over the sub roads, residents should call to Fire Station or Schweitzer security.

-IHD Update-SPO will have a link to the road management plan and grants, and JUB is asking for input on the plan. Final draft letter from IHD for grant is complete, the request is for 1million. NLI trenching is put to bed for the winter, Mel Bailey to find out when NLI will start back up. Patrick moves that Marsha be reimbursed $375 for the registration fee for the Idaho Association of Highway Districts, Steve seconds, approved.

-Next SRD meeting date for December 12/18/18

ADJOURN 6:06pm

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